Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost a year later...

If you read my first post you will see that I started this blog about one year ago and I am now getting back to posting my second blog... What the heck happened to my year?

Well here goes my second post... I have belonged to a face book group called Quilt Block Swap, and I have been able to do a few swaps and what a great bunch of blocks I have gotten back. I love doing this swap, they only swap about 1 time every 2 months or so... It's been a few months since I have had time to check in but tonight I was visiting and found a link to... "the bloggers quilt festival for the fall 2011" here is the link... Anyway I decided to enter a quilt as I have never done this on line before but thought it might be kind of cool. So here it is...

My quilt story:

The quilt I am going to post has quite a story behind it, or should I say behind "them"! What you will be looking at is a photo of a quilt I made for a man who lost his wife. I actually made 6 quilts for him to give to his children. Each quilt was made from his wife’s clothing. Six memory quilts. The quilt photo I am posting is quilt #5. I finished doing the hand binding last night around 2 a.m. but as I stitched I could not help but think about this woman.

I had never met her and never knew she existed before I met her husband and he made his request for me to preserve her memory. I wondered what she looked like and if she was in heaven and if she knew what I was doing to her clothing.

Would it make her happy or mad? I wondered about her children and about her life. I know she passed away from a cancer. I hate that word... I wonder if she knows that?

I wonder if she liked the idea her husband had to give one quilt to each of the children? I bet she misses them. Does she know that he can not just give her clothes away to charity? Was she smart or just average like me? I wondered if she liked chocolate or if she sewed at all. Her husband is a farmer/rancher like we are and I was wondering if she drove tractors, worked cattle, rode horse, put in a garden or quilted like I do?

I'll probably never know the answers to my questions but one thing I know. I made 6 quilts that will wrap about children who lost their mother and I made each one of them with the same kind of love I'm sure their mother would have made them with...

I hope she is resting in Peace.